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Ynés Mexía - Plant Species

Ynés Mexía was a brave explorer and botanist extraordinaire. In her 13-year career she collected over 150,000 specimens and discovered 500 new species! Over 50 species were named after her, and they're all listed below. Follow the links or use Google to find pictures and facts about these species:

Acourtia Mexiae Anemia x Mexiae Astragalus Mexiae

Aristolochia Mexiae Begonia Mexiae Blakea Mexiae

Blechnum Mexiae Chamaecrista Mexiae Clerodendrum Ternifolium var. Mexiae

Casearia Mexiae Castilleja Mexiae Cyathea Mexiae

Dalea Mexiae Desmodium Mexiae Diospyros Mexiae

Dryopteris Mexiae Echeandia Mexiae Erigeron Mexiae

Eryngium Mexiae Eugenia Mexiae Euphorbia Mexiae

Eupatorium Mexiae Ficus Mexiae Fuchsia Mexiae

Guatteria Mexiae Jussiaea Mexiae Lindsaea Quadrangularis var. Mexiae

Ludwigia Mexiae Malouetia Mexiae Mecodium Mexiae

Meriania Mexiae Mexianthus Mexicanus Mexia Soejarto

Mimosa Mexiae Ottonia Mexiae Oxypetalum Mexiae

Paepalanthus Mexiae Palicourea Mexiae Paullinia Mexiae

Perama Mexiae Piper Mexiae Piper Chinantlense var. Mexiae

Potentilla Mexiae Psychotria Mexiae Ranunculus Petiolaris var. Mexiae

Rondeletia Maxiae Rudgea Mexiae Rhus Allophylloides var. Mexiae

Salvia Mexiae Saurauia Mexiae Salix Brachycarpa var. Mexiae

Siolmatra Mexiae Siparuna Mexiae Smilax Moranesis var. Mexiae

Solanum Mexiae Stachytarpheta Mexiae Thelypteris Mexiae

Tococa Mexiae Triumfetta Mexiae Vitex Mexiae

Verbesina Mexiae Vernonia Mexiae Weinmannia Mexiae

Xyris Mexiae Ynesa Colenda Zexmenia Mexiae

Try to answer these questions:

  • What does the plant look like?

  • Where does the specimen grow?

  • What other kinds of plants and animals share the species' ecosystem?

  • Is the species endangered?

To take your investigation outdoors, print a Botany Explorer's Guide!

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