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Our Partners

STEM is strongest when we work in teams. Collaborating brings together different perspectives and ways of thinking. 

We are thankful for our partner organizations and proud of the work we do together to spread a love for STEM with the world!

WOW STEM is possible because of our sponsors:


Green Tier Sponsors: Jon S. 
Blue Tier Sponsors: Shane K., Nicole B., Oliver L.

Interested in becoming a sponsor and supporting WOW STEM financially?

Contact Us to discuss how you can help, or donate to our organization via Ko-fi!


Role Models


AstraFemina is a collective of prominent leaders – including astronauts, academic professionals, and industry innovators – who have made a significant difference in the world because they chose the excitement, challenge, and opportunities available in the many fields of STEM.


WOW STEM and AstraFemina are partnering up to share these leaders' stories, their advice, and show girls and young women the benefits of STEM as a career choice. 


Meet a Scientist

Women Supporting Women in the Sciences (WS2) is an international initiative unifying and supporting graduate and professional-level women and allies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), while providing outreach to elementary and secondary level students. 

WS2 is distributing low-cost physics and materials science lab kits that were designed virtually by international teams which include Meet a Scientist profiles about Eastern African women in STEM. WOW STEM is collaborating with WS2 to expand some of these profiles as part of our Modern Scientists series.

Classroom Guides

Asset 34_2x.png

Galactic Polymath (GP) is an education studio. They help scientists, nonprofits, and sustainable companies achieve outreach at scale by translating complex, cutting-edge research into mind-blowing lessons for grades 5+.


WOW STEM and GP are working together to tell womens' stories and research in a format useful for teachers and students in traditional and home classrooms.

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